Our Program

Our Program is an exclusive set of processes that was researched and designed for the sole purpose of preparing a student to gamble successfully online. The content available in the program is not found anywhere on the internet and are exclusive to members. The whole program is divided into three modules. There are the modules:

Background and Theory

This module discusses all the history, background, and mechanics of the online gambling industry. This module prepares the student for the second module of training. In this stage, the student will learn all mechanics of games and the techniques needed to be learnt to be successful.


The second module is the fun one. The student gets to play in a virtual environment. The games to be played will be chosen by the student. All games played here are designed for practice.


The final module is the testing period. In this part. The student will play games and the result will be evaluated by Zim. The whole process only ends when the student has passed all test.


An optional and additional module, the referral stage is where the student is able to find legitimate, trusted, and most beneficial gaming platforms available. The list provided by Zim are updated everyday and the events posted are live and updated as well.

The modules in the program are all developed with one thing in mind – turn you into an online gambling master.