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Apr 23rd
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Gukurahundi victim, family visited by balaclava men

By Correspondent

THE family of a Lupane woman Rosina Ncube allegedly ganged raped by the notorious 5th Brigade is reported to have been visited by unidentified man in balaclava, The ZimDiaspora can reveal.

Ncube now resident in Britain was reported in the media including the BBC recently when she came out volunteering to be a witness on crimes against President Mugabe’s murderous 5th Brigade.

She has also been actively conscietising NGOs and Westerners on the need to address Gukurahundi massacres in which up to 20 000 Ndebele civilians were murdered and up to 60 000 women were raped.


Rosina Ncube

She was allegedly raped while six-months pregnant by members of the 5th Brigade resulting in her miscarriage and has been on the international media spotlight demanding justice for the horrors suffered by people of Matabeleland during post-Rhodesian war disturbances that blighted the former British colony.

Sources in Bulawayo said Ncube’s children escaped last week after being visited by four men in balaclava in their Magwegwe home.

When contacted for comment in Britain, Ncube said she was shocked and declined to give more details on the issue.

However, security sources said the four men may not be members of the notorious central intelligence organization but are believed to be non-state actors sympathetic to ZANU-PF.

“We often come across with such situations where some people without instructions from the top will act on their own and at times there have been killings of this nature,” a top security man told The ZimDiaspora in a telephone interview from Bulawayo.

President Mugabe still commands a lot of support in certain sections of the country particularly in greater MaShonaland provinces. They see him as a freedom fighter who has stood up against Western colonialists.

The latest public figure to show emotion on President Mugabe is musician Alick Macheso who reportedly broke down in tears upon getting a handshake from the former guerrilla leader.




0 #6 Bheki Zikode 2012-08-20 18:57
NEXT ELECTIONS WE MUST NOT VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO ONCE CONFESSED THAT HE ONCE SUFFERED FROM INSANITY A moment of madness. Mugabe and his Zanu comrades killed innocent Zimbos so its them who must shoulder the blame.
+1 #5 Chiota Mapereke 2012-08-20 12:01
Muzezuru Mushana has said it all.Not all Shonaz partook in Gukurahundi.
The so called CIO bosses,Army commanders,Poli ce chiefs and Zanu Pf stalwarts like Mnangagwa and others are the people to face music when their time comes as every dog has its day.
Most of Shonaz whethers Zezuruz,karanga z or Manyikaz are peace loving people who have over the recent years lost relatives and had their daughters raped by senseless Zanu Pf machinery.
So no more Hate politics in Zimbabwe as we are all in this against Zanu PF divisionist politics.
Mashona and Mthwakazians -we are one good neighbours if you like.Tinomudai MaNdebelez.
We are vsorry and regret big time crimes against humanity pepetrated by Zanu during the Mthwakazi Genocide of the 1980 ties.
+2 #4 Tapera Nepropaganda 2012-08-20 03:36
The Statement above that"President Mugabe still commands a lot of support...particularly in greater MaShonaland provinces", is just not true. Even in West Mashonaland Province his home area, people no longer support him but are simply scared of the CIO network, the impunity and the lawlessness associated with his regime. People are afraid of their lives - abdication, maiming or disappearance in broad daylight.
+1 #3 God is love 2012-08-19 15:09
true Muzezuru, there is no need to be tribalistic. W e are all God creation. I lost relatives to Gukurahundi, but I choose peace. God says vengeance is His. Peace unto the whole world
0 #2 Muzezuru Mushona 2012-08-18 21:18
Fellow zimbabweans, especialy, pple from matebeleland. Its rather unfair to hate us all shona pple 4 somthin committed by pple who r stil ther brthing the zimbabwean air. If u directed yo energy & anger on those few u wd b surprised how much support & sympathy u wd get frm the general populace of the shonas yu so hate!
+4 #1 Daniel Ngena 2012-08-18 11:32
Mugabe regarded by some in Mashonaland as a hero, yes they are right, he killed us while they were enjoying new found freedom there for he is a hero to and should remain so….I will never forget the day my cousin brother was taken by the 5the brigade pretending to be asking for directions, two hours later his remains were found scattered along West Nicholson road… Hate ZANU PF with all my heart….If i didn't happen to you it does not mean it never happen ..Mugabe is a murderer…

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