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Aug 23rd
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MDC-Oxford with gifted political leader

By Staff Reporter

THE MDC-UK  Oxford fundraising gig has been praised by Bulawayo east Member of Parliament Thabitha Khumalo as an activity that serves to illustrate efforts of commitment by party supporters in the cause of Zimbabwe.

Khumalo who was the guest speaker praised MDC-Oxford chairman Chrispen Chamburuka for putting together such a successful gig.


Oxford MDC chairman Chrispen Chamburuka (right) with his deputy Mgcini Dhlodhlo.

Scores of party supporters thronged Oxford’s Heddington Community centre last week for a fundraising ceremony to raise funds for Bulawayo east and Zaka central MDC constituencies.

“I am impressed by what Oxford has done under the leadership of Chamburuka. He is a real leader, he is a hands on leader who does not divert his energy to backbiting and stone throwing as we have seen among our supporters in the Uk and Ireland. I wish to thank Chamburuka for considering Bulawayo top of his list,” said MP Khumalo.

Speaking on the same occasion, the tough-talking Chamburuka said he wants to see a united MDC-UK contrary to what was happening currently.

“I want to preach a message of reconciliation, without reconciliation there is nothing we can achieve,” Chamburuka told the ecstatic political crowd.

A number of officials who spoke to The ZimDiaspora said they would prefer Chamburuka to head the new constitutional co-ordinating committee and many say they would vote for him to be their representative in Harare.

“He is level headed and straight forward contrary to what we have seen in the past. Anyone who will start a war with Chamburuka we suggest Harare must expel that individual from the party. There are many people who have joined MDC with ZANU-PF mentality, such people are so dangerous,” a source who declined to be named said.

Another official said: “Chamburuka so far can be the best candidate, he is not into backbiting because backbiting is the main thing that has destroyed us an external province. We have people who claim the speak to Tsvangirai directly, then we have those who think they know too much and would never agree with any leader elected by the people”.

Chamburuka is one MDC-UK branch chairman who has been able to work continoually harmoniously with members of his branch. He has divided duties equally within his committee, for instance most issues that have got to do with setting up fundraising are executed by his diligent deputy chairman Mgcini Dhlodhlo. And most Zimbabweans living in Oxford are grateful of the way Chamburuka has handled their asylum cases.

A Zimbabwean who was recently granted his refuguee status said: "I thank Chamburuka for all this. It took me a long time to get my status, but he was there all the way. He never tired".

The MDC-UK is yet to elect its co-ordinating committee in line with the new party constitution.