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Aug 19th
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Rise of Zimbabwe's Swindon Community Gospel Choir

By Staff Reporter

Swindon Community Gospel Choir is a group that was founded by Khulumane Stephen Mpofu in December 2010 in Britain's city of Swindon, Wiltshire.

Initially, the group had few members and since then the numbers have grown. Members of the group come from England, Wales, Scotland and other cities because this project was not only for the members in Swindon alone but we wanted to include people from different nationalities nationwide.


Swindon Community Gospel Choir.

Our goal is to worship, entertain, educate and empower through African Music and Dance. I am passionate about gospel music, and our African way of worship and culture. I realise that being away from home sometimes we miss a lot, therefore, it is important that we do not forget who we are and where we come from.

We do not want to lose that identity, so there is a need to connect with our “African roots” and I find that music is a vehicle that is able to link us together. There are various productions that the group will be showcasing in order to achieve that objective.

In addition, having being a recording artist myself, I am aware that there are a few artists in England who share the same passion as I do, or who were once artists back from their home countries and have not considered resurrecting their dream. This could be an opportunity for such individuals to contact us and we will discuss matters further.

Membership is still open to the people who would like to be part of this project, from musicians, dancers and those who can play any piece of instrument. The emphasis is that there will be a lot of travelling involved, total commitment and dedication is a must. You must be willing to commit 6hours of your time every month and rehearsals are held on every second Saturday of the month.

SCGC (Swindon Community Gospel Choir) has been highly honoured to work with some top producers from South Africa. We are in the process of doing our first recording as a group and early next year we plan to tour nationally doing some live performances in the UK and abroad.