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Apr 23rd
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We will confront ZANU-PF militia: MDC-T

MDC-T secretary-general, Tendai Biti, yesterday warned that his party supporters would be forced to retaliate if attacked by Zanu PF militias in the run up to next year’s elections, vowing that time for being “cry-babies” was now over.

Biti was addressing an MDC-T rally in a graveyard in Darwendale after soldiers blocked supporters from gathering at the local grounds as scheduled, occupying the venue for several hours.

Biti said unlike in the past, this time around the party was not going to watch its supporters being clobbered by Zanu PF militias. “Next year they are not going to beat us zvokwadi namai Dorothy,” he vowed.

“You have beaten us enough.” Biti said Zanu PF should not provoke his party supporters, as they were now fearless and were in the majority.

In the 2008 Presidential election runoff, the MDC-T complained that hundreds of its supporters were killed, maimed or harassed by Zanu PF militias and elements in the military who were campaigning for the re-election of President Mugabe after he lost the first round to MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

As Biti addressed yesterday’s rally, the atmosphere was tense as 30 soldiers from the nearby Inkomo Barracks, refused to leave the Darwendale grounds, where they were seemingly conducting drills and later played social soccer.

Some of the soldiers allegedly lit fires around the Darwendale grounds and close to the graveyard where Biti was addressing, a move interpreted by some MDC-T officials as intimidating tactics.

The rally was supposed to take place at 10am, but only started after 3pm as hundreds of MDC-T supporters refused to be intimidated by the soldiers, vowing to go ahead as they had booked the venue well in advance.

Contacted for comment, Army spokesperson, Lieutenant-colonel Athanasius Makotore, demanded questions in writing, promising that a response would be ready by tomorrow.

He however said if the soldiers were indeed playing social soccer, then they had put the Darwendale grounds to its proper and good use.

But Biti said soldiers must pay allegiance to the constitution of the country and not to individuals.

He said despite pronouncements that securocrats would not salute MDC-T president and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, they would do so at the appropriate time.

“Soldiers are ours and next year this time, they will be saluting Tsvangirai because he will be in office,” said Biti. “They are just posturing.”- The Standard



0 #4 spencer Costellos 2012-07-16 09:42
:lol: — ( keep them live)
During the war this man was never a genuine freedom fighter but someone who has always been preoccupied by self advancement at the expence of other true freedom fighters. manipulated issues,demonise d the Mthwakazians and unleashed his dogs 5th brigade to mass rape,kill and maime thousands of the Matebele.Recent years has turned on his Shona people making pain and fear visit them on daily basis .There is nothing good to remember this evil man for as he has ruined Country of milk and honey-Zimbabwe.He is neither a hero nor liberator.Manipulator yes.dictator:yes muderer_yes.Tribalist_yes who divided Zimbabwean on Shona-Ndebele lines so that he can rule forever with iron fist.Millions of Zimbabweans are suffering world wide because of this man 's misrule.History written objectively will reflect this.A butcher.His best friend Gaddafi paved way and serious learning should be considered by ZanuPf stooges
0 #3 Mweni Tafara 2012-07-16 08:30
If ZPF starts violence, Biti mean that some folks must fight for his ascend? He mean people must die for him and not just walk away from violence so that when people are dead Biti will assume power over their graves, this must be the sickest statement of this year.

It is similar to Misihairabwi's which lobbyied for women to reject conjugal rights in support of politics.
0 #2 Nhamo yenyika 2012-07-16 00:35
Heey Lizard. I think you are a real Lizard. How can you say that if people know that there is going to be rally and continue playing football. Lack of respect by these stupid soldiers or Zanu Pf. Zanu Pf have destroyed the country my friend, where is the diamond money going because there is no development taking place. They took all farms they are not paying tax. Where do you think the government will get money from. They just spend money of ladies no building of industries and roads. Millions of people are suffering while a few individuals are taking everything.
0 #1 Lizard kaHungwe 2012-07-15 19:04
Such utterances from the supposedly learned leader should be shamed by all progressive thinking peoples of our time. The politics of violence ndedzakare,kare madzwiti achauruka mapako.The MDC is so much into the politics of violence. as as much as the other Party, that now we dont really know who is to blame for this very unorthodox way of solvinging and rebuilding the country.Their efforts and strength
are so much directed on removing Mugabe,,,, and then What. One really wonders whom they want to replace him with , when their are brewed from the same pot of violence , tribalism, regionalism and corruption .
. Zapu,s efforts are not merely of the removal of Mugabe only but we want to compliment and redirect the vision of our liberation struggles. for self-rule and empowerment for all the citizens of Zimbabwe.
Zapu forced into a war of liberation, stiil believe and ascribe to democracy,throu gh non-violence. We believe in dialogue to achieve freedom

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