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Aug 19th
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Justice means Mugabe must be tried

By Zibusiso Chauke Mlilo

The social justice question for Zimbabwe requires prosecution of President Mugabe and his cabal.

My argument is that for the country to move forward, we need to provide justice to victims of President Mugabe’s 32-year reign of terror and oppression. Further this means dealing with structural tribalism and racism which undoubtedly was imposed by Mr Mugabe’s regime in their divide and rule strategy that has left my beloved country so dived.


Zibusiso Mlilo

The best package for victims of ZANU-PF is to make a case for the International Criminal Court regime. The recently-successful prosecution of Charles Taylor should be a torch-light in settling the Zimbabwean dispute.

However South African judge, Justice Fabricius has held that the failure to begin investigations into allegations of torture in Zimbabwe, against 17 publicly unnamed Zimbabweans for a raid of Movement for Democratic Change headquarters in 2007 – constitutes a breach both of the South African Constitution and its Rome Statute Act (incorporating the obligations to which South Africa is subject as signatory to the statute of the ICC).

South Africa’s Prosecuting Authority has yet to state whether it will appeal the ruling, although the South African Police purportedly intend to do so. If the ruling is upheld, Zimbabwean human rights violators may soon face prosecution upon travelling south of their border.

This is the beginning of the quest for justice. Zimbabweans need to support this case. We are all victims. I am one person who can stand up and be a witness to Mugabe’s crimes.

Zibusiso Mlilo is a political activists based in the United Kindom. She can be contacted on mlilozibusiso@yahoo.co.uk