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Apr 17th
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NUST "tribal list" sparks Matabeleland uprising

By Bhekizulu Tshuma

YOUTHS leaders from political and civic society organisations in Bulawayo have confronted National University of Science and Technology Registrar Fidelis Mhlanga demanding a list of students who were both accepted and rejected for the August 2012 intake, sparking further controversy over the institution’s entry list.

The group is composed of members from ZAPU, Ibhetshu Likazulu, ZAPU FP, PUMA and Umhlahlo Wesizwe sikaMthwakazi.

Ndondana Moyo a member of the group said that they have given Mhlanga up to Thursday to respond to their demands “before taking necessary measures.”

“... we have noted with great concern the tribal list of students accepted into the August intake. Further, following comments of the spokesperson of the university saying students from Matebeleland do not qualify in the institute, as young leaders from different political parties and civic society of Matebeleland sat down on the 18th of June and decided to make an enquiry into the matter,” reads part of the letter that was forwarded to the registrar.

Moyo said they are demanded to be furnished with a list of both students who were accepted and rejected and the criteria used during the screening process.

“Please respond to our request as soon as possible, preferably by the 21st of June as we have a critical meeting later that day where the response will be needed,” read the letter.

Contacted for comment, the office of the registrar confirmed receiving such a letter but said they were still working on the responses.

Failure by students from Matebeleland to enrol at NUST has in recent years sparked debate by leaders in the region who are accusing the institution of furthering the marginalisation of the region.



0 #16 Simbi Mbino 2012-06-24 04:01
Here we go again with more Ndebele-bashing. We have chased these guys out of the country to SA and have burned down their villages and we expect them to be where we are. It's a shame when people do not realize what they have done. It is the Shona children that perpetuate the hegemonic agenda and the hate language about Ndebeles (as if they have no cause or reason) is clear evidence that we have never regarded these people as true Zimbabweans. We have always mistreated these people let the truth be told.
0 #15 Pesu Ndwangu 2012-06-24 02:47
Ngamanyala lawo eliwakhulumayo mashona lejayele lizasitholakahl e. O obed mpofu simon khaya moyo cain mathema sithembiso nyoni they dont know who they are representing, these are issues to be talking about fools, lithi abantu bavotele izanu lina lilele libhed akubi
0 #14 Negomo Matombo 2012-06-22 20:07
This group called MTHWAKAZ will destroy the country like what Jonathan Moyo did when he joined Zanu PF. The group lacks leadership. This group will cause regional conflict in the country. They are showing showing signs of not intelligent at all. I have lived in Byo before I know how majority of Ndebele behave, I used to go and watch Dynamos vs Highlanders in BF stadium in the 1990s and it was difficult to put on Dembare scurf. These guys will kill you. These are examples of the MTHWAKAZ group.
+1 #13 king Shona 2012-06-22 12:02
When one says that i don’t foresee in many generations to come a Ndebele ever becoming a president of Zimbabwe it is not out of tribalism but out of what the Ndebele people have sought to identify themselves as-people who can never be on the side of a Shona no matter who is that Shona. The only way a Ndebele will be president is through cessation-which is not even remotely possible is serious ways....more than day-dreaming---nothing will be good if we do not make it good ourselves....my advice is ...The best way to defeat someone is to learn what he does so that first of all you defeat him at his own game...this creation of a Ndebele cultural hegemony that the Ndebele find themselves in is never productive in most situations
+1 #12 king Shona 2012-06-22 12:00
. On the talk of Gukurahundi it was this paper which made all the Shonas realise that Ndebeles did not want sympathy from a Shona because according to those little-minded people whose views are most welcome in this paper every Shona is to blame for that genocide, it is this paper that has manufactured and supported this unreasonable issue of NUST's purported tribalism and it has poured paraffin onto a burning thatch. This paper has managed to remodel itself to a regional tribalist mouthpiece and anything from Harare is evil, anything by a person with a Shona name is not good, stories that appear in it should only be from Matabeleland. If it’s a story from other regions it should be that which only talks that which is not good or positive .Accordingly, everything from Matabeleland is pure, they are marginalised; they are discriminated and deprived of what is theirs.
+1 #11 king Shona 2012-06-22 11:59
I have been a reader of this online publication since its inception but i regret the way it has transformed itself to a tribal mouthpiece. I used to rely on it for immigration news affecting those in the diaspora but the tune has since changed and it has become a mouthpiece of one section of society by marginalising the other although the editors think they are being a voice of the voiceless. A newscaster who has national interests addresses issues from all parts of society regardless of tribe, origin of the editor or political affiliation. This publication has provided a good platform for lazy people, tribalists, secessionists and xenophobic people to be heard yet in a normal society those mentioned attributes should be shunned
+3 #10 Yebo 2012-06-22 10:44
I am from Mashonaland and I support that evidence should be produced that indeed the students from Matebeleland did not qualify. The institution should avail the list and corresponding qualifications of students that were accepted and the the list of those rejected.
+2 #9 mutangadura 2012-06-22 10:13
I think the University shud accede to their demands,they must see for themselves that the kids admitted are/were worthy to be there and the ones excluded cant be there!but also the university needs to have programs that helps un-qualifying students to supplement their results:WITS and UCT in SA has these programs,they call them extended degree programs(or colledge of science for BSc),there,they are made to take courses that will qualify them to be in the mainstream,peop le lets not run away from the fact that ,if the province has no good infrastructure and teachers at A-level to properly prepare thse kids for University,then its the university's obligation to help them.Iam alos not sure whether all non-Ndebele kids who are admitted there are not from Bulawayo?
+1 #8 Zenzo Zomhlaba 2012-06-22 09:18
Thats bafana bekhaya, lets forget our political differences and look at the national problem affecting us and our children. Its our future, its our tommorrow. A sure way of killing a nation is to kill their children deprive them education, make them dependent like what is currently the case, in that way you would have total destroyed them. I am surprised at the quietness of our political leaders. what are the Obeds, Cain, governors saying with this?' Rather keep quiet than confront where their bread is buttered' sies
0 #7 moto 2012-06-22 08:40
This newspaper is always trying to stir up tribal nonsense. Ndebele this Matebeleland that.
You accuse Shonas of tribalism when it is very clear its some of you Ndebeles who seem preoccupied with whether someone is Shona or Ndebele.
Im shona & in my entire life in Harare i never heard one single Shona person saying they hated Ndebeles but i have been surprised with the level of hate amongst some of you Ndebele people towards Shonas.
You are the ones with a problem & not the other way round.
If you keep this up many Shonas will start to hate Ndebeles & that could create a lot of problems for you. You are a minority but you want to cause trouble with a majority. Why? What do you think you will archive with tribal nonsense? Makufarisa manje!!

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