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Aug 19th
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Zimbabwe, Tearfund

But I have forced myself to concentrate on this because things have suddenly deteriorated in a direction I wasn’t expecting.As if cholera and severe food shortages are not enough, there has been a spate of abductions.

 Perhaps the most horrifying thing is that included in the first group to be abducted was a two year old child. None of these people have been seen or heard of since. The police have not been able to help.I can’t help thinking what it must be like for the families of these people.As you can imagine, this has spread fear and uncertainty for many.

Those abducted include MDC activists, staff of a human rights organisation, a human rights lawyer, a journalist. It’s hard to know who might be next.Please pray for those who have been abducted – for protection and that they will be released unharmed.

Pray also for their families who must be so worried.Pray for staff of NGOs and civil society organisations, for activists, human rights defenders and those who are potential targets. Please pray for wisdom and protection and peace for them and their families.Thank you for your prayers.God bless, Karyn Southern Africa Team, Tearfund
Please do what you can to share this news, contact Tearfun or Amnesty International for further info on what you can do to support the people of Zimbabwe.
In Wythenshawe we have a Zimbabwean Church and are collecting basic medical items to send soon. If you would like to donate paracetamol, bandages, antiseptic, vitamins and other basic items please drop them off very soon to St. Andrews House, St Andrews Methodist Church in Wythenshawe M22 for Revd Brenda Shaw to pass on.
Many thanks.