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Apr 17th
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Mugabe losing his mind, restrained after lunatic gaffe

From Our Special Correspondent

Harare – President Robert Mugabe is increasingly losing his mind - more forgetful and childish due to old age following exclusive reports that he recently shocked diplomats during a meeting when he repeatedly added several spoonfulls of salt into his coffee and continued drinking it unabated, Zimdiaspora can reveal.

He had to be restrained by his aide, but stunned diplomats noted that they were dealing with a president who was too tired and needed to be resting, waiting to be recalled by his maker .

Diplomatic sources in Harare and officials close to Mugabe exclusively told the Zimdiaspora that age and a debilitating prostate cancer are definitely taking toll on the once all mighty and energetic dictator.


Mugabe now delicate

“We had a meeting with Mugabe recently and instead of putting sugar in his coffee, he was constantly putting on salt as the President could not notice or taste the difference,” said a diplomat from the Far East.

 He said Mugabe was most of the time dozing during the meeting and had to be constantly awaken by his aides.

 “President Mugabe was absent minded most part of the meeting. However whenever, he was alert, he proved that he was still witty and of high intellect,” said the diplomat.

 An official at Mugabe’s Munhumutapa office also confirmed that the 86-year old despot is no longer as healthy as he used to be.

“I have attended several meetings chaired by Mugabe, but of  late Mugabe mumbles, constantly fidgets  and does not seems to be coherent like he used to be a few years ago,” said the official.

 He said Mugabe is believed to be getting prostate cancer treatment from Chinese, Egyptian and United Arab Emirates doctors whenever he travels outside the country.

 Recently it was reported that the recent death of President Robert Mugabe's sister, Sabina, and the subsequent illness of his other sister Bridgette has cast the spotlight on the Zimbabwean leader’s own health which has for a long time been a subject of many public discussions.

 It was said that during a recent visit to Uganda, the physical demands became just too much for him that he needed the assistance of his aides to negotiate his walking path, while On Heroes Day, Mugabe could be seen getting a helping hand from his wife Grace while going down the stairs.

 When he travelled to China soon after the Heroes Day, Mugabe was also pictured being helped down the stairs by Chinese security agents.

 At public events, Mugabe is now increasingly addressing crowds leaning onto the pulpit and has in recent times shortened his speeches despite having a reputation for long speeches.

 Despite Mugabe’s failing health due to age, Zanu PF is planning to endorse him as the former ruling party’s Presidential candidate in elections expected to take place next year after the anticipated conclusion of the constitution making process.

 Analysts say, due to Mugabe’s age and unpopularity, even if Tsvangirai’s  MDC party fields a donkey in the contest, the dictator will be thoroughly beaten like what happened in 2008.



0 #3 Freedom Sigwagwagwa 2010-10-08 02:19
Regai mudhare wedu apenge ega, ndiyo hondo yacho, tichakurovai nekuti muri kuroya mudhara. Sizalitshaya ngoba yini abathakathi.
0 #2 Rusty van Druten 2010-10-06 09:20
To all those who value Mugabe,.. sympathy to you on the failing health of your leader.
To those who have been harmed in any way by his leadership,... sympathy to you.
In my own opinion, Mugabe had endless opportunity to uplift and enrich his fellow countrymen, but he chose to bring the country to its knees in so many different ways.
He was revered by some as a statesman of note,.. but by his actions he allowed this standing to dissipate and became feared and reviled in the eyes of many.
In the final analysis, he will like all of us be called to judgement, and whether he
manages to beat the odds is anyone's guess.
The odds seem heavily stacked against his redemption, but who are we to judge?.
Lets leave that to the almighty.
In judgement, we stand alone before a wise and benevolent God!
Perhaps mitigating factors exist in Mugabe's favour...
But,.. I cannot imagine there are!.
0 #1 mark 2010-10-06 06:03
Maybe the excess salt will speed him on his way to hell to join brother Albert who is waiting for him tirelessly.

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