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Aug 23rd
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Makandiwa Rubbishes Ghanaian Pastors

By Mercy Mushonga

Zimbabwe`s United Family International (UFI) Church, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa  described a group of pastors from Ghana who accused him of being a trickster who uses occult powers to deceive and blind his followers are “agents of devil".

According to Prophet Makandiwa's spokesperson, Pastor Prime Kufakunesu the unfounded allegations which the church's critics believes can affect the prophet's growing ministry were a 'storm in a tea cup'. He said Makandiwa was too big a brand to be brought down by anyone.

The Ghanaian pastors  announced their plans to visit President Mugabe, to implore him to shut down his (Makandiwa's) church and have its leaders arrested for misleading people with dubious miracles.

But Prophet Makandiwa's spokesperson said whoever said Makandiwa was using occult powers was an agent of the devil.


"Everyone wants to attract attention with the name of prophet Makandiwa like what this group of pastors from Ghana is doing. Their allegations that he uses occult powers and their threats to report him to President Mugabe are baseless. On what ground did they want to convict him because here in Zimbabwe we even have registered healers who use supernatural powers to heal. These pastors are agents of the devil. If they want they can come to face Prophet Makandiwa since he has an open invitation to anyone who dares challenges him," he said.

One, Lawrence Ajoba, told reporters that Kusi Boateng, is the kingmaker behind Makandiwa,and others whom he allegedly acquires "occultic powers and Voodoo" on their behalf from a popular fetish priest also from his native called, Nana Kwaku Bonsam. The dreaded fetish priest is on record saying that he has helped over 1700 pastors across the African continent with powers to prosper and grow their churches, including those from Zimbabwe.

"People in Zimbabwe are being bamboozled and taken for a ride by Makandiwa," said Ajoba.

"We hear he was given occultic charms and power, to perform bizarre miracles and make his church grow, and because the whole thing is evil and spiritual one cannot present tangible evidence, that is why false prophets get away with it. We thank God, because time will always act as revealers. In the case of Makandiwa, those who join his church are blinded and will find it difficult to leave, because their spirits have been trapped. Usually people who do this, bring coffins inside the church with real dead bodies, but the simple human eye cannot see them, because it is devilish.

"Churches of this nature can have up to three coffins, displayed inside at every corner, and they remain there as powers are renewed. In reality ritual killing would have occurred. Only through the Holy Spirit's special gifts can one's eyes be opened to see into the mysterious supernatural realm. It is only God who reveals secrets, and we believe, the time is up for fake prophets in Africa."