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Sep 20th
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Chiyangwa`s Daughter Defends Her Peep Models

By Pamela Mujuru

Zimbabwe flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa's daughter, Vanessa has defended the models who take part on her Peep Shows telling critics and haters to stay away.


She railed : If you are jealous of how incredibly sexy they look compared to your horrible dress sense plus lack of confidence, take it up with someone else. Don't punish vanhu who are consenting adults that make their own life's decisions without your added unnecessary opinions. Kana zvakurwadza kuona- vhara maziso! You piece of horrible chocolate! Same idiots who lie they don't use sex toys but are the first to call me for a private viewing. I'll post your axx up ukada kudherera!."


Added her sister, Stephanie : "Before they start talking they must google who the most paid model is and what made her famous, after that they must go and google Victoria's secret and see how much it's worth and then when they are done they should look in the mirror and remind themselves of how miserable and pathetic their little lives are because while you see potential and an open market for business and while you help those girls fulfil their dreams of becoming professional models they are busy hating and the one thing I have realised is people who have nothing better to do are usually the ones who have time for nonsense and criticising what they don't understand and can't quantify. If a person is limited in any way they think everyone else in the world is also limited!"


Laugh all the way to the bank honey and brush that dirt off your shoulders! You did an amazing job! It's clean and classy! So proud of you and I'm inspired."