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Sep 20th
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Mugabe must learn from Mandela

By Blyth Mkonya

It is without doubt that there is no immediate solution to Zimbabwe’s problems. The country will see no happy future under the continuing despotic and destructive rule of Robert Mugabe and his sinister subordinates.

The Veteran ruler was recently elected to serve the seventh term in office amid massive allegations of vote rigging. The 89 year old ruler, who has been in power for 33 years, shows no remorse to the suffering and poverty he engineered to Zimbabwe.


Although Mugabe, relentlessly preaches about taking his roles in taking the country from the colonial rulers but does not see how his monstrous leadership has worsened the country than it was before his leadership. All over the world, Mugabe is portrayed as a monster and there is little doubt that the ways he behaves are monstrous.

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president is credited with uniting his people after apartheid rule and his actions have helped South Africa grow economically and peacefully. Today, Zimbabwe remains one of the most dangerous places to be in Africa for both Zimbabweans and foreign nationals and yet Mugabe and his cronies boast about sovereign.

Lessons should be learnt from struggle against apartheid for freedom, moral courage of Nelson Mandela and the part he played in the historic transmission to a free and democratic nation. Mandela has been a great inspiration to most head of states around the world except for people like Mugabe who see him as a coward and obviously, had Mugabe been in Mandela’s shoes, South Africa would have seen no peace or unity.

Mugabe sent his condolence message over the weekend, describing Mandela as “the greatest icon of African liberation, but according to international reports, Mugabe was somewhat jealousy of Mandela’s popularity as a stronghold of black people’s rights and a symbol of the fight against racial segregation.

Although Nelson Mandela only visited Zimbabwe three times after his release from prison, he remains an inspiration to the Zimbabwean people and his love for peace as opposed to violence will forever be a lesson to Zimbabwe and the world at large.