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Aug 19th
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Naked Gokwe 'witches' arrested in Budiriro

Two naked women were arrested early toady while roaming outside a house in Budiriro suburb.


Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chibanda confirmed the bizarre incident. He said the two were from Gokwe-Nembudziya communal area.


"We have arrested two suspected witches this morning at a house along Gata Street in Budiriro 2. We have since taken them to Mbare Magistrates Court on charges of contravening Section 98 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act for engaging in practices commonly associated with witchcraft," Insp Chibanda said.


Insp Chibanda said the two were discovered by schoolchildren preparing to go to school around 5am.


The two were naked and each had a reed basket (rusero).


In one of the baskets there was a live brown owl (zizi) and some skeletons of an animal that looked like a baboon while the other had some snails and unknown orange substance in a 500mls bottle.


The chilling development comes barely two weeks after a Dzivarasekwa woman was shocked to discover a naked woman by her bed at night with blood on her lips claiming that she had fallen from a winnowing basket (rusero). The naked woman, suspected to be a witch by the Dzivarasekwa (DZ) community, identified herself as Sabina Rokuzhe. She told the gathered people that she was from Muzarabani and that she had fallen after her fellow women in the 'trade' continued with their journey from Masvingo.


In November last year, a middle-aged woman allegedly flew on a winnowing basket and landed in Masvingo's Rujeko suburb while naked leaving residents who were going to the market place scurrying for cover. Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Peter Zhanero confirmed the incident then and My Zimbabwe published the story on 23 November 2012.


Still in November 2012, business in Ngundu Growth Point, about 100km from Masvingo, came to a stand still when a Gokwe man mysteriously landed in a church during a service, in a suspected act of Satanism.


"It is alleged that the man told the police that he was coming from Zambia where he had parked his car at around 8pm. he said he could not understand how he travelled to Ngundu within two hours. He thanked people from a church at the business centre for helping him," said Masvingo police Spokesperson, Insp Zhanero.


According to witnesses who spoke to our news crew on condition of anonymity, Nduna allegedly fell from nowhere and landed in an Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) church during a prayer session.


In June last year, 2 Chinhoyi self confessed witches, Rosemary Kamanga (49) and Esnath Maodza (52), both of Shackleton compound about 20 kilometres outside Chinhoyi, were arrested after they mysteriously fell from a rusero (winnowing basket) early morning as they were coming from a witchcraft mission, at least according to their confession. They were found naked also.


The pair stormed one Eneresi Mufunga's hut on June 11 2012 at around 3am after allegedly falling off their winnowing basket (rusero). Mufunga claimed she was awakened by Kamanga's strange screams at her doorstep. It is alleged that Kamanga was calling out her other colleagues, beckoning them TO BRING BACK THE BASKET. Kamanga continued crying in a child-like voice, saying their alleged accomplice, identified as Muzeza, had taken with her ALL THE HUMAN FLESH they had collected prior to the "ACCIDENT." - My Zimbabwe