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Aug 19th
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Baba Jukwa considers asylum as Mugabe hunt intensifies

By Correspondent

AS President Mugabe’s massive manhunt for Baba Jukwa gathers momentum, the unidentified Facebook character has revealed that he would consider his safety by claiming political asylum.

Baba Jukwa has revealed that his project will not die even if President Mugabe unmasks and captures him.


President Mugabe is reported to have hired some of the world’s most sophisticated hackers to try and unmask Baba Jukwa who in the six months has rattled ZANU-PF by exposing some of the most guarded secrets of the regime.

"Yes they (Mugabe and his henchmen) are trying everyday with the help of China, Pakistan and Taiwan, but they will fail dismally as I have planned everything and put everything in place for more than 100 people to take over the page should anything happen to me”.

“ I also urged them to recruit more people when I happen to be in trouble and I only told my lawyer that if anything happens he gives passwords to my pal who will take over so this is now tradition, it passed from one to another so getting me won’t make me silent but you will be passing on the button," he told Wikileaks forum in an interview.

Mugabe has promised to hand over $300 000 to anyone who unmasks Baba Jukwa. The faceless Facebook character said he remained unshaken but would consider asylum as his life was always in danger.

"As of now I haven't (applied for asylum) but I know they are on my tail, but if any country would want to offer me that status it will be welcomed because operating from that country will make me operate freely without interference of disturbances as of current state.