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Sep 23rd
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Makosi Musambasi’s Zimbabwe talk show career kicks off

Makosi Musambasi’s  Zimbabwe talk show career kicks off

Socialite Makosi Musambasi’s  Zimbabwe talk show career kicked off this coming Monday on ZTV.

The show is called Makosi Today and will debut with an interviewer of actor and former Big Brother Africa star Munya Chidzonga.

Makosi today to debut on ZTV

Says Makosi, speaking exclusively to 3-mob.com:

It’s not an ordinary chat show. ..The ones you are accustomed too…We are not looking at [just] entertaining you but educating you… PS you will be entertained anyway

The website for the show says:

As you can depict from the name, is a current affairs lifestyle show, scripted to educate, empower and entertain. It is a download of success, prosperity, health, fashion, wealth, vision, direction, ingenuity, creativity, spirituality, peace and resourcefulness…did I mention beauty?

For decades, up until now, Africa has been a continent that everyone pitied, we have received enough aid by now to be able to stand alone… But what was forgotten as all this aid was flowing in was EMPOWERMENT, which means we got depended more on what someone can do for us and stopped thinking about what we can do for ourselves as a people. This in turn has made us vulnerable to terrorists ( those who take advantage of the peace that is hugely taken for granted by the masses) and a new breed of terrorism which is INTELLECTUAL TERRORISTS.

MAKOSITODAY… Through live interviews, documentaries and light entertainment will engage the minds of the youth and make aware the issues AFRICA faces today.

The show is on at 7pm.

We’ll tell you what we think once we’ve peeped it.

Will you watch it?


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