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Sep 20th
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“Michael Jackson in hell” another Prophet saw him

Tebalelo Malapane says God told him to preach His word when he was just a schoolboy and so the grade nine scholar left his school in 2010 and began preaching in Penge, a village in Limpopo, SA.


The young man, who believes he is a prophet said that in April 2011, he asked God to show him Hell.

And, he claims, his wish was granted two weeks later while he was praying.

He said: "I prayed for almost three hours. Suddenly I lost control of my body, my eyes became blurry.

"I saw four angels, three of them were walking in front of me while the fourth angel was behind me.

"Then I heard people screaming and we entered through the gate but I truly don't know how we got there.

 "One of the angels did something on my body and I began to see millions and millions of people burning in multitudes of flames.

"The smell was unbearable. You wouldn't wish even your worst enemy to be in that place. I saw a man in a shiny suit being consumed by fire and screaming in agony.

"It was Michael Jackson.


"I also saw other famous people and Christians who did not forgive others while they were still on earth.

"God has asked me to tell people to repent, otherwise they will go to hell when they die.

"Even small sins count, so people must turn to God and preach the positive gospel," Tebalelo said.

Tebalelo has a church, the Lord Our Salvation, in Limpopo.

He said he won't go back to school as he plans to continue doing God's work.

Tebalelo said he will now ask God to show him Heaven: "I want to know how the people who followed His words will live and that will help me to pass the message to those who are doing good." - Dailysun