About Me

Online gambling has become so big in today world many people wants a piece of it. Although most of these people are experienced traditional gamblers in their own way, there are still a few newbies who wants to jump right into it. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Tackling the online gambling world could spell disaster if you are inexperienced and uninformed. This is why we felt the need to build a personal guide to help that newbie gamble online.

Zim Diaspora is an online coaching platform that services clients who want to start a journey in the online gambling world. The approach is simple, personal, and exclusive. What Zim does is give you a comprehensive set of background research, training, test, and gambling advice all throughout the coaching program.

The main purpose of the programs is to teach the student to gamble online. The process starts from background training and then proceeds to hands on training up to the tests.

At the end of the program, Zim will direct the student to his suggested and trusted online gambling platforms.

Zim Diaspora’s vision is to see the world of online gambling grow even more than what it has become today.